Picture Perfect Match System and Read and Print Production

Fast and Accurate

magnet mailers on front of refrigerator

  • Optical Character Recognition
    • Read Alpha/Numeric characters. 
  • Barcode Recognition 
    • Read Data Matrix, QR, IMB and a variety of 1D barcodes. 
  • Read & Print 
    • Using our reading technology, inkjet printing software and HP print technology, we can insert, match and print in one pass.

The Picture Perfect automated systems, either Optical Character Recognition or Barcode recognition, will monitor your match mailing based on first name, last name, sequence number or account number. Using sequence numbers, sequence checking can be performed during the run. All automated systems will halt the inkjet base and inserting machines on a bad match or sequence check and include end of job Excel report of date, time, data read on the mail piece and whether it was a good or bad match. Automated systems also include End of Process verification which can be set up as a single camera at the end of the machine, as one of the cameras used for matching or as an extra camera while running a match job.


  1. Match 2 Inserted Pieces
  2. Match 3 Inserted Pieces
  3. Read 1 Insert Mail Piece and Print at the Netjet Inkjet Print System
  4. Read 1 insert and match a 2nd Inserted Mail Piece and Print at the Netjet Printer

Call (310) 532–6422 weekdays, or send an e-mail to info@midcitymailing.com for more information about our new Picture Perfect Matching System.